Your Song – the shaker

Hello gorgeous people. Well, I am again in that moment when I feel that breeze which tells me again and again that life is wonderful. I have started feeling this way too often now. I feel blessed. This thought of mine brings me out of every trouble that I might be facing.

Can there be someone who doesn’t like music? I haven’t found anyone of that sort. And, we all have that one song which is close to our hearts. The song whose each verse defines us. The song which makes us do things. It is like lightning struck inside.

A song that rejuvenates every emotion in those blood thumping nerves of our body. It lifts us up when we are feeling gloomy and blue, clueless, whether to chase the rabbit or give up blinded in the bushes. You’re gonna wanna hear it, again and again, to remind yourself that you aren’t there yet, but you will be; that don’t just give up yet.

There are times when you lose your patience, however patient you are, and think of settling for something more comfortable and soothing, as it might seem at that moment. But, that song works like a fire inside. It makes you do things that you are capable of, by challenging you and shaking you up. It sheds away the things that are holding you down.

It gives you wings to be that bird you had always dreamt of being and fly higher and higher, with your head bowed, accepting everything and moving on, into the glory of achievement and success. It ‘roars’ its way out, through aggression in several forms; enthusiasm, positivism, excitement and new found love for life, to make the most of it, reaching for the dream and facing whatever lies ahead with the spirit of a champion. It reminds you that you weren’t here for nothing. A breeze passes through your hair, and all you hum within is ‘your song’.


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