Channelize Your Energy

Hello friends. This post is about streamlining your energy so that it can become more fruitful for you. Carefully channelized energy can be very helpful. It can break barriers which you could never break. Read further to know the secret.

I have often felt that I have a lot of aggression and it always comes out in the wrong form, anger to be exact. I get these fleeting fits of anger. Though it is very satisfying to get them out as soon as they come, but in those brief moments, I become uncontrollable. I can say or do things that I don’t intend to. And often, I regret saying or doing them.

Seeing some unjust event, unnecessary intrusion, being over-smart are some of the things I can’t bear. They poke me to let it all out. And, then there comes rampage. I become someone I am not. I don’t like that version of me, when I do things just like every trivial-hatred and jealousy-struck human being does.

Other times, I feel so alive. I feel happy to just exist in this world as this life has given me an opportunity to make it my own. I am a self-motivated person. When, I have to get a thing done, I set my mind on it and leave everything to get it done. Nothing can bring my morale down.

But, the anger bouts take away a lot of my energy without me even realizing. This aggression of mine can be used up fruitfully. I need to channelize it properly so that I waste no energy. I have tried improving my patience level and have also succeeded a bit.

Now, whenever I feel angry, I think a bit and then it slowly settles down. I come up with a revised version of what I was gonna say and don’t waste my energy. I have learned in time that things that make me angry won’t vanish suddenly once and for all. They are gonna happen again and again. I can’t give in to them each time and start a series of thought process which won’t lead me anywhere.

Such is the story with many of us. It might not be only anger. One wastes energy in several forms like jealousy, hatred, cursing, etc. These trivial emotions never achieved anything. It is okay to feel each of them once in a while, as we are only humans. But, it shouldn’t become a habit. You are running your own race. Comparisons will only bring unhappiness and wastage of energy.

If all this energy can be channelized properly, it can do wonders. Success demands it. Whenever such thoughts come up, stop right there and spend that time in doing something that can improve you and and make you a better person, a successful one.

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