Time management

Hi folks. They say, “Time and tide wait for no man”. This adage is so true after all. If we don’t respect time, we lose our own respect in time. Time management is an important part of everyone’s life. It is a ladder to success. Manage time, and you will feel happier. Today, I am writing about my own experience with time. The event that made me respect time even more. Read on to find out.

The winters were on a surge. Being an IT professional, I had to stay up late in the office. Whenever I came out of the premises, it was already dark. The glory of the day was gone. And, it felt there is nothing to do now; go back home, eat and sleep. It went on like this for a week. I am the kind who likes doing things of different sorts. It can be writing, getting my hands on a new instrument, setting up a new playlist, reading, and the list goes on. These are the things that make me.

Moreover, I had picked up some weight recently due to less physical work. It was bothering me a lot as I like being fit. But, with this schedule, nothing seemed possible. I had no time for myself and it was causing me unhappiness. I had to hit a gym soon.

There was a plan of buying a car. But, the problem was I have never driven one. Another thing adds up. I have to join a car training class as well. It was getting so overwhelming.

Apart from my hobbies and extra curricular, I am a very lazy until something gets very important to me. The two major things that I had to do were hitting a gym and learning to drive. It is very difficult to manage two activities at the same time, keeping in mind my 9 hours mentally tiring job. I knew it will be difficult. But, I began. I started waking up at 5 a.m. in the morning for the gym sessions. Every morning, it took me 10 minutes to remind myself that it is important for me. It used to be hell cold outside. I could differentiate 3 °C from 4 °C. My wind-cheater came to a bit of my rescue. After the gym, I used to go for the car training at 8 a.m. before running for office. There was no time to waste.

The morning alarm sounded like a death-bell. It was a huge task for me to get out of the warmth of the quilt and shift my body into the thorny cold morning winds. It was difficult, but I carried on without trying to find an excuse to not do it, though I could think of many.

This went on for weeks. And, at nights I made time for a little writing as well. I had to compulsorily sleep at 11 p.m. to follow this schedule. After a week it felt a bit easier as it had entered my schedule. I waited for the weekends and believe me, they felt divine.

The gym continued but the car training ended after a month. It was a big relief. Now, I could make more time for my hobbies. The time felt extended. Even after the same 9 hours office schedule, I started feeling that I have all the time in the world. That was the day when I realized the importance of time management. We all have a lot to do but we always keep thinking which one to pick up first. Slowly, time slips by and we end up doing nothing.

I realized that I should set up my priority list and do each task accordingly. Trying to do everything only causes chaos. Now, I take up one activity, finish it, then pick up next. And, my pieces of the puzzle are aligning themselves. There is a lot less confusion. I am getting things done. And, I am a happier person.

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