Hello, dear readers. This article is meant for all of us who want to achieve something but then we get distracted as we become so caught up in life. We do all the over-thinking and nothing gets productive.

The moment when realization sets in, is a very confusing time. You are happy and you also repent all those days when you did not do it. We have all made our excuses to postpone something to a later time. As the human mind keeps thinking and keeps wanting to do something. So everything piles up and we are in haste and worried. In the conundrum, we end up doing nothing.

For many of us, life is not just about living in a set. We are outliers. We want more from life than just an 8-hour job. We want to go about learning and knowing more. It could be learning a musical instrument, visiting a particular place, making a short film, etc. It gets too overwhelming in some time and nothing is done. In haste and confusion, we end up doing what’d be the worst possible thing to be done at that time, like over-thinking about how nothing is moving forward and criticizing our actions.

Mostly, we all keep doing what we shouldn’t be doing. This material world pulls us into committing things we don’t intend to do, buying objects we don’t need and thinking about what we don’t actually want. We shut down our heart each and every time it tries to poke us into doing something meaningful for ourselves, not for anyone else, but just our own damn self.

We keep following just like a flock of sheep, never realizing that we don’t even belong to that flock. Maybe, we don’t even belong to any flock. We are here to live our own lives and we keep wasting it in living somebody else’s. It is a shame that everyone accepts it so casually.

Here, I want to jot down a famous and one of my favourite quotes by John Lennon, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. This is an awesome way to put it. We keep planning for the future, not thinking about what we are losing in the meanwhile; the present.

We should try and assign a priority to every task. Even though we want to do so many things at a time but realizing that there are as many as 24 hours in a day, setting up priority is the best option. Pick up a task, complete it and then move further to the next one. This is a well-tested approach which has worked quite well. Otherwise, there is only chaos and nothing is achieved.

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