Don’t hate

Hello, dear readers. Did you hate something or somebody today? If you did, this write-up is especially for you. I have found myself devoid of many trivial emotions like jealousy, ego, insecurity, etc. But, I often fail to stop hating. My hate usually doesn’t start without reasons. There are situations and people in those situations who do something which pokes my anger and in turn, gives rise to hatred.

Hate is never healthy. It causes an imbalance in the chemistry of your mind. The time you could’ve utilized in some forward and fruitful thinking is heavily wasted. However peace lover you are, there comes many circumstances when you cant help it. People do things to you which are mean and unjustified. Well, it is never gonna end. If you meet amazing people then you have to deal with shitty ones as well.

I can tell that there is a rush of emotions when someone tries to show authority over something that is solely yours. And, then you hate their words and slowly you start hating them. You try to avoid them and whenever you see them it ends in only small talk or smart talk.

Can you do something about it? Oh yes, you can. Keep yourself filled with people you love and the passions you follow. Try not thinking about those stressful situations as it only plays with the peace of your mind. Take yourself to a level above and try to only shower love. Even though somebody deserves your hate, don’t do it. You will feel satisfied for a moment but in the longer run, it just creates chaos inside you. I have started avoiding it. Hope you will too. Keep loving. Cheers.


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