Conversing with thoughts

Hello, dear friends. Imagine, you are ready with the editor on; to carve those thoughts and give them your desired form. They readily want to come out of you in the form of words. At this moment, we tend to go on this trip where we are alone with our thoughts, conversing with them. Here is one such conversation I had with them.


Come, crawl in,

I’ve been waiting for you all day long,

Your launching site is set,

Come, don’t wait now.

Settle down, take a shape,

Sharpen up,

Let me add a bit more of me in you,

You are still raw,

Stay that way.

Let me plug in my music,

Now, come on,

Shed your shackles,

Race on,

Go haywire everywhere in my mind,

Go all corners,

And fetch some words.

Come out,

I am ready,

Flow through me,

And make me alive.



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