The input-output conundrum


The simple to the most complex machines work on a particular type of input, which is defined beforehand. A paper shredder can’t do the same with a stone. A light bulb won’t turn on without electricity. A questionnaire research won’t give correct result if the input is flawed. A computer program can’t display a correct output if the required parameters had to be of Integer type and we provide it with String type.

The human engine is no different. Our mind is a wonderfully crafted core that drives the human body. All the data crunching heavily complex supercomputers fail when it comes to the human mind. It processes ginormous amounts of raw data with fantastic speed. As they say, if we can command our minds, we can win all the challenges with ease.

When there are multiple unsolicited impressions being drawn about someone, he/she starts losing the identity or the uniqueness that he/she have had. We human beings get affected by our surroundings in one or another way even though we don’t want it. The act of secrecy does wonders in such cases. A judgemental being can be easily defeated with the wrong input.

When a prying kind interferes with your whereabouts that you don’t wanna share, go into the storytelling mode. Catch some thoughts and fabricate the best tale possible. Tell him what he/she wants to listen or a new idea that you have concocted just now and the job is done.

A wrong input can be considered a lie by the cynics. At times, there is no other option but this. We all face circumstances where we are judged for who we are (considering we are true to ourselves). It can be depressing for many and breaks some. Do not play, but when you have to, play it like a pro. The flawed input will serve your purpose.


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