Happiness is a choice

Hello, dear people of the world. Are you happy today? If the answer is no, then what is it that is causing you unhappiness. Are you in the clutches of something? Do you think about other’s life a lot and go into a comparing mode. Are you jealous of what your contemporary is achieving and you are not? Are you trying to bring the other down just because you are not capable of rising higher?


The true happiness is in letting go, of all the feelings that make you unhappy. However inexplicable it is, life is truly a gift. And sooner or later the realization also dawns that it is very short as well. When you are truly happy, you enjoy each and every moment of life. But, often we are caught up in the most irrelevant thoughts and lead ourselves to sorrows and unhappiness.

It is quite simple and elegant to understand that while we are keeping our minds busy in making comparisons and feeling jealous, some very precious moments are lost. These moments could’ve been utilized in living a little more. While we are busy planning pushing someone down, we are making unnecessary efforts. As much as we try we can’t stop a sun from shining, can’t take away lightning from a thunder.

The problem is that we want to become the sun even though we don’t have the brightness. And, when we can’t shine we become jealous of the sun. We stop focusing on expanding our own brightness. We don’t even think that will becoming the sun be enough?

Moreover, many times we are unevenly inclined towards the shimmering of a moon or a star. But, the brightness of the sun has bedazzled our eyes and we easily forget about ourselves and just live an unhappy life.


It doesn’t take a lot of mastery to feel life. First and the foremost, let go of all the unproductive thoughts that have made up a home in your mind. They take away a major thinking portion towards your productivity. Now, think about your happiness, not as a picture that you were seeing in someone else, but your true happiness. Take a few moments every day to think about the things that will make you happy from the inside. Make this a habit and soon you would have chosen happiness. /


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