It pained him when the memories trickled down like sweat on a hot sunny day, the vicious chill of the emotions. It was a burden that he had borne for so long. Though he was carrying on, yet the memories were weighing him down and making his steps heavier.

There was a lake nearby and he had lost a lot of water. His mouth and his eyes have both gone dry. It was pointless crawling under the baggage when he could run. He just had to shed it off.

This lake was magical. It could take away all your past memories if you drank from it. But, it also disappeared as the sun went down. He was craving for water more than anything right now. He wouldn’t last another day.

Once embroidered moments in all the shiny glitters, his memories have just caused him pain since then. He had grown so fond of them that even though they broke him, he couldn’t let them go. He thought he could live it the same in his memories.

He crossed the damn hot sun in bare skin, burning all along. He had reached the lake.

Standing close by he stared at his reflection in the waters. He could see a bright young man with potential, but the memories didn’t settle. They kept dancing inside his mind in all their bad moves.

“It is time”, came a voice from inside.

He drank from the lake. He smouldered, he cried, and then he accepted.


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