Be flexible


Lord Krishna taught us many lessons in The Gita (reading it is still in my bucket list). One of the greatest lessons that he taught was to be flexible when the time is not on your side. Be resolute but avoid rigidity. Being rigid only increases the boulders in the path, making it more difficult than it should be.

We all deal with circumstances when things are not going our way. In such moments anything we do seem to go against us. We try to fight it and it gets worse. The result is a loss of hope and feeling low. We also lose our decisive power. It tends to get into our head and we commit something foolish to repent later. It can also lead to running away from the thing that caused it.

The idea is to be flexible. When nothing works out, we gotta wait and be patient. Bend if you have to and let it pass. All our efforts go in vain if we fight at the inopportune moment. It increases anxiety, doing more harm than good.

Someone said something hurtful, you are being accused of the wrong you did not do, someone is trying to bring you down or you are dealing with someone’s fake superiority. It can be anything. The right approach is to sway rather than a rebound.

The unpredictability of life is a boon. You get your share of chances. Wait for them. And when you are not on the front foot, bend like that plant which can even bear a storm while the trees are falling down.



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