Decision making


Things are going out of hand. You are confused what to do and what not to. Even a binary decision takes a lot of thinking many times. When the outcome of the decision changes the course that we have to follow, we often get afraid coming to the output. We try to postpone it as much as we can because it shakes us up. It takes us out of our usual disciplined schedule and makes us do things we hadn’t planned.

Success is totally subjective. You just can’t relate material possession with success. This can take time to sink in but it is the truth that we gotta accept. Our decisions govern our success. There is nothing to compare otherwise, everyone should be aiming to become the richest man in the world. The richness of the soul and a beaming persona is what matters.

Our decisions are the bricks that shape our lives. When we feel confused about the course that we are following, we gotta look back and it gets crystal clear. Wherever we are right now is because of the decisions that we took at a certain point in time. Whatever we will be is also gonna depend on the decisions that we will take now. There is nothing to be surprised about.

Now, who is gonna guarantee about the correctness of your decision? Every mouth has a different opinion. But, that is their personal opinion. It is only you who can tell what’s best for you. We often know about the gain or loss of either course of action, but we are not ready to accept the change.

When it comes to deciding, we waste a lot of time thinking which one to take as each one has its pros and cons. We should obviously take time but once it is decided we shouldn’t waste anymore thinking about it. Stick to it and do the requisite. It might be difficult but it will be yours forever. You own it and you’ll get a picture of how life will shape up.



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