Shape your thoughts

Catch that fleeting thought. Put it in the basket. Ask it if it wants to reside or was it there just to hover for a while. There will be another one in a moment. The previous one might come back in some time. They don’t all need to stay.


Why don’t we excel at what we do? The reason is quite simple if we try to understand. We are doing something and thinking the other. That implies sheer lack of focus. Why does it happen? We are not doing what is close to our heart. We are looking for happiness at the wrong places.

Throughout the day we get a bazillion thoughts about matters which don’t concern us, about things of the past which we revisit again and again to look at our image when the wrinkles hadn’t come, about irrelevant ideas which won’t bear fruit, etc. I guess the idea is just to find happiness, whatever be the source of it.

Filtering out thoughts holds great significance to achieve happiness. A plenitude of thoughts can’t take form all at once. One always knows with time, what’s gonna give him/her satisfaction. Shape your thoughts into a cone and aim for the narrow end. It is the path of a peaceful mind.

With so many thoughts, it gets a bit difficult to filter the priorities. Then, only one thing can work. Listen to the heart. It seldom leads us in the wrong direction. What’s close to the heart is close to us. It drives our mood, our performance, and the only thing to achieve, happiness.



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