Know thyself


We wake up in the morning, freshen up, maybe do some exercise as well and then we are off to work. A whole day of work and we come back tired. By the time we are home, we have drained most of our energy. We open up our social media accounts. A few likes and comments here and there and then we are done with the day. It is almost time to bed. Throughout the day there hasn’t been a moment when we were not occupied. This slowly gets into our head and starts causing stress.

What have we forgotten? We’ve forgotten the most important part that should be practised on a daily basis for a healthy and relaxed mind. We have not spent time with ourselves. It doesn’t require much effort. It is quite simple, yet very effective to loosen up your stressed mind and be ready the next day to face the upcoming challenges.

Being in the domain of data I can actually tell you that we are mostly surrounded by rubbish. There is a sea of data floating all around us and we are all adept sailors. We know the trail as well but our intoxicated mind takes us elsewhere. We run towards online deals much more than even our dreams.

It really surprises me that people actually comment on social media posts that says, “Comment on this post to see the magic”. Now, how is that a fruitful activity? I am not against social media. I believe it to be a powerful tool to project yourself without even moving from your place. But, for the most part, we see what we are shown. We are not aware. This is just one example. There can be many other ways to go away from the self.

I am just trying to say that while we are idling around doing unnecessary things, we should rather spend some “me time”. A totally peaceful time when we can come close to the self. How to do it? It’s quite simple. Just lie down on your beds or in the open sky (whichever way you like it) for around 15-20 minutes or more every day and think of the activities of the day, the goods and the bads, analyse them and learn each day.

Now, lying down and still being caught up in trivial thinking won’t help either. By trivial I mean the things that are not constructive for you. That “me time” should be spent for the betterment of the self. It can be about your forthcoming plans, about achieving your goals, making a timeline, or any other thing you want to see in yourself.

There can be another approach as well. We can just lie down and try to move out the thoughts from our mind to go into the void. We are mostly stressed because our mind is so full of negative thoughts. Try to move them out and make space for positivity. It certainly helps to get us out of the troubled state of mind.

When we are stuck in a trance, we often lack the ability to come out of it because of a weak mind. We get affected very easily. Spend some time with yourself every day and slowly you’ll know yourself more. You will feel a transformation as you are aware of your inner being. You’ll feel more control of your mind. The outcome is happiness.


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