A little more human

A few days back while I was in the process of buying a personal domain name for my website, I was quite confused as to what should I go for. I came up with some really creative names. But, then I gave them all up as, either they were not available or just not perfect. I came up with some very bizarre names as well and was quite sure they’ll be available. But, whatever I came up with, they all seemed to be taken. After some thorough Internet searches, I came to know that the domain registrar is infamous for buying unique and highly searchable keywords and later on selling them at absurdly hiked prices (your searches are rated and highly rated ones are the most searched). It felt like someone has robbed me of my thoughts. Some keywords were quite dear to me (they were like those words you sometimes come up with and they literally make you smile that you wrote them. You know the moment, right?). I got pretty cautious after that.

You go online to look for shoes. You lose your heart on those green over black ones. Bad for you that they are not available in your size. You save it in your cart for its future availability and scurry through the remaining ones to settle your need for now. But, those green over blacks remain in high demand. Who wouldn’t want them? After a month when you check back for them, your size is available now but the price has soared almost twice. It is not justified for those shoes. However good they are, it is just cloth that they are made of. But, how can you miss them? They’ll look so good on you. And, you end up buying them.

What happened in these cases? You can’t sell something without marketing it. But, when you advertise and don’t remain true to what you said you were offering, then that is not marketing. In simple words, it is called cheating. However, it has mostly merged into marketing these days.

We’ve all witnessed such incidents. We’ve all accepted it and moved on. Who’s gonna waste time on petty things? It was actually the proper action. But, when we know such things happen, we should be aware so that these things don’t happen to us in the future. Become a wise buyer. Whenever you are planning to buy something (mostly online), don’t be in a hurry. Go through the product in details, compare prices over other websites and make an intelligent buy.

We are in the times when we eat data and we shit data. Every moment we are generating several bytes of data, be it a social media posts or the online activities like, searching and surfing. Every link we click gives away some information about us. Technology can be both, a boon and a bane. But we can’t help it. We can’t go to the Himalayas just because our lives depend so much on technology (it will be totally awesome though).


The computational machines operate on the data that we feed them (machine learning is doing wonders with this data). But, as they are machines they must follow an algorithm. Don’t be fooled, fool them. Don’t go running for that discount when the discounted price itself doesn’t seem justified. It is one of the tactics that is frequently practised by the vendors. Don’t let them tell you what is good for you. Be bizarre with your searches and break its recommendations and predictions. You can check The input-output conundrum to know how it can work.

I have a lot to say on this topic. But, I have to end this post somewhere. May be I will talk about it more in future posts. I would bid adieu by saying that in the era of powerful machines, be a little more human.


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