Why are you religious?

This is one of the favourite topics I would like somebody to convince me on. I am unapologetically on the right side of the argument. Why do we need a religion when the only thing it does, is create distances? I applaud the game-play of the originators. It all happens in front of our eyes and we fail to notice it drastically.

Has religion ever achieved anything other than hatred and war? Don’t just believe me. Observe for yourself. The answer would definitely be no. And, all this hatred is pointless. The number of atrocities in the name of religion is huge. Then, why is it there if it hasn’t ever benefited you?

They can’t control you until you have the fear of losing something. Basically, most of us don’t even know what the holy books even say. We started with religion ‘A’ and continue to accept it because that is what we’ve always been like. And we also love being that. That is completely all right. So where did the hatred took its entrance?

Something must be the cause of all this hatred. What must that be? Is it so difficult to answer? A hatred driven group is administered by a body. And, since it was formed on the basis of hatred, the fuel would be hatred too. So, why not keep digging for more fuel such that the engine keeps running and the business keeps flourishing.


Don’t just see what you are shown. Don’t be clutched in somebody’s arms and dance at his discordant tunes. Be free, be wild. There is much more to the world than unchecked beliefs. It doesn’t take time to shatter one in the face of reality. Don’t seek some magic to get you through. It is just the belief in yourself and capitalized passion that can ever get you through.

Cheers \/

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