Looping in thoughts? Here’s what to do.

Have you been thinking a lot and not getting things done? Have you been looping around your thought process so much that you end up doing nothing?

You start at one point, think of the ways that will lead you closer to ‘your thing’, a series of thoughts start and finally you’re away from what you started it all for. What’s the point?

You have the passion, you have the zeal and you also find yourself ready to do it. So, why are you thinking too much and trying to find ways to not do it now? Did you think it would be a cakewalk?

Our mind consistently fights our heart. The mind looks for comfort, while the heart yearns satisfaction. The mind tries to dupe us into a temporary shade with a camouflage of happiness while the heart says to give it everything we have. Hence, the loop.

The loop of thoughts arises when we are doubting ourselves. We start comparing, get conscious and think of the easier alternate road. We all get it at some point in time. With so much happening around, it is okay to feel that way once in a while. Though it breaks us at that point, it feels amazing when you’ve fought it away.

When all’s said and done, perseverance comes out to be a sole winner of “what does it take?” contest. If we want something from all of our heart, we gotta level up. It requires something more from us, else we’d have gotten it already. This transition to the next level is where most of us give up (and regret it forever).


“Perseverance is the key to success”, they say. If we do something for a long time, we become good at it. We understand the nitty-gritty of it and it starts coming to us naturally.

Passion without perseverance is just a brief illusion.

If we are not ready to handle the difficulties, there never was a passion (though we thought there was).

Life is like school all together again. There are monthlies, half yearlies and the big final examination of that particular year :D. Sometimes, we also get surprise-tests, which we totally fuck up :P. Success comes when we carry on, no matter the hardships of life.

‘Maybe this is not the right time’, the mind says. And, if we believe it, we start moving farther to reach closer to our goals. If we succumb to our mind, we also start believing that an opportune moment will come when everything will be on our side.

We set our alarms on snooze and start waiting for the right time. Guess what? It never comes. There are no “right times”. We make it right. To reap the field, you have to water it daily, put required minerals and then have the patience for it to bear fruit.

If you’ve set up your goal, then pursue it right now. Be consistent. It can involve a lot of reminding yourself. It always gets difficult before it gets easier. Don’t let it become just a part of your imagination that you want for yourself. Be courageous, be patient and always persevere.

Cheers \/


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