Forgive yourself ; Reprimand yourself

You’ve been planning for a long time, for weeks, months, or maybe years. But, you’re still there, still guilty and filled with remorse for not being able to do what you had planned.

Your life is going haywire, and you are a mess. Don’t worry. It’s not just you. Everyone is puzzled by the way life unfolds.

You are working your ass off in that job. And, you come back home, drained, and without any energy left in your body. The only thing you seek is food and a place to lie down. And, it is the same story every damn day.

This goes on and on for a number of weeks and weekends. And, you are still there, wondering what are you doing with your life.

It causes guilt, repentance, anxiety, and a lot of negativity in various forms.

The wise Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu said, “If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

You think about a million things that you could do or should do. But, you’re mostly lost in the thoughts of doing it; there is no substantial action.

You start complaining about the lack of time. That’s the story you tell yourself and seek an excuse to lay back again in that cozy bed.

If you’ve been making excuses to yourself, remember it’s just you to blame.

Everyone gets to be an artist. Be an architect of your own life.

Often, when you’ve been delaying things for some time, all the guilt of not being able to achieve it piles up. It takes over your head and you don’t even realize when you have started telling yourself that you can’t do it. You go berzerk.

Don’t let your past acts be a baggage on your soul. Forgive yourself today of all the days that you’ve spent criticizing yourself. Do it right now.


When you forgive yourself, you heal the wounds on your soul. You are renewed. But, forgiving should not be confused with complacency. Thinking about past is only gonna cause anxiety of all the time you’ve lost. Don’t do that. Just forgive yourself.

When you’ve forgiven yourself, it’s time to reprimand yourself. Continuously keep a check on your actions. Keep reminding yourself of all the guilt you had to go through. Utilize that guilt into actions. Start climbing the ladder from the step where you left off yesterday.

You can try out the following steps to be able to start once again and get hold of your life.

  • Wake up tomorrow and forgive yourself, for all the things you didn’t do, for all the chances that you missed. Just forgive yourself for everything.
  • Look at the upcoming day as the day when you’re gonna move towards your goals.
  • Go out there, chill.
  • Work diligently throughout the day.
  • When you come back home, you might be dead tired. This is the time to reprimand yourself. Remind yourself of the the things you wanna achieve.
  • Now, get ready to do do some magic.

Do it every day and it gets into your habit. Take it day by day.

Life is a wonderful adventure. But, if you are not doing what you think will make the person you wanna become, it can become boredom before you even know. You only have one shot at life. Live it to the fullest and achieve your goals.


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